Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl spread!

We had a few friends over yesterday for a Super Bowl get-together and it was a lot of fun! Here is a picture and list of food we had. The menu included:

cashew queso dip
spinach artichoke dip
chips and salsa (we bought peach this same peach salsa)
veggies and apple slices
rosemary focaccia bread with roasted garlic and cracked black pepper
roasted curry chickpeas
mini crustless quiches with "bacon", green onion, red pepper and rosemary
lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting
puppy chow or "muddy buddies"

I linked the above recipes I posted on the blog.

It was a lot of food BUT I wasn't overwhelmed with the cooking. I made the quiches and cupcakes on Saturday and the queso dip Sunday morning and reheated it before people came over. I also made the spinach dip early and then just popped it into the oven before we were ready to eat it. You could even chop the veggies ahead of time and stick them in baggies in the fridge.

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