Saturday, February 11, 2012

Naturtint Hair Dye

Photo courtesy of this site

I know this is supposed to be a food blog, but I couldn't help but share a good beauty product! I've been dying my hair on and off since I was 16, when I found my first gray hair (yikes). My great aunt was completely gray by the time she was in her mid 20s. Things were not looking up for me! Anyways, I just started to dye it more regularly because it's gotten worse as I've gotten into my mid-late 20s. The last few times I've been going to a salon to get it done and getting your hair colored at salon is so expensive!! The last time I went to get my hair trimmed and colored it cost over $100. Yikes. I can't swing that every month. Also- the chemicals from salon colors or from most boxed colors always smell really bad and the make my scalp hurt and they hurt my nose.

Sooo I was just thinking how I wish I knew of a more natural hair dye that would work well without hurting my scalp and that would be easy enough for me to do myself. I found this dye, Naturtint from the site "Healthy Bitch Daily". If you don't already subscribe to their daily emails you should- they are always pretty interesting and full of useful information. Anyways, they have a section called "What the Hell do I Buy" that is all about different natural beauty products and other things. They mentioned this product and I figured hey, $17 will not break the bank so I'm going to give it a try instead of going to a salon to get my hair done. The results were exactly as I hoped they'd be!! This is the first time I've dyed my own hair- usually my mom or a friend does it for me- or I'll go get it done at a salon. It was really easy and not too messy and there are no crazy chemicals that make your scalp itch and burn and the color is really nice! I used 3N- their dark chestnut brown and it's a natural looking color that still looks radiant and interesting. I can't really describe it but you should try out the product yourself if you're looking to save some money/your scalp and nose. Also- they don't test on animals and their product packaging is recyclable. You can find it at your local store- I'm SURE Wegmans has it if you're lucky enough to live near one of those. I got mine at Sprouts but I've seen it at Whole Foods and Sunflower. You might be able to find it at your local store! Or order it online:)

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