Monday, February 27, 2012

Beau Jo's Pizza

We went up to Fort Collins on Saturday and poked around before going to see The Artist at the Lyric Cinema. First of all- go see the movie. Second of all, go to the Lyric! They have a café and serve beer and wine and hummus plates and tea and other yummy things. You can go see a cool indy film and lounge on a couch all while enjoying a Fat Tire. What's not to love? Also- Tuesday evenings they have student specials for only $4. ALSO they have morning cartoons from 10-12 with all-you-can-eat cereal. I smell a Saturday morning date in our future:)

As we were walking around downtown we stopped in Ace and picked up seeds for our future garden. More about this later- we'll see how the garden goes! I'm excited to take up this project. In the meantime, here are the seeds we selected:

So back to what this post is really about. Michael and I walked around in the morning and then had a delicious pizza lunch at BeauJo's. This place has really yummy pizza. East coasters beware- it's not like east coast pizza but it's still delicious! Here is a link to their menu. We ordered a vegetarian combo mountain pie with honey whole wheat crust and Daiya dairy-free cheese. So wonderful. I love that they have the dairy free option and that it's Daiya. This kind of "cheese"is one of the only ones on the market without casein added to it. It melts really well and has a decent cheesy taste. The Fort Collins location is in an old bank and there is a beautiful ceiling and old vaults still there. Worth going inside even just to check out the historical building.

Here's a picture of our delicious pizza:

They serve this pizza with a  side of honey to dip the crust in- so tasty!

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