Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrift store finds!

FYI- this post is not about food! I'm as shocked as you are.

After our trip to IKEA I was really in the mood to do more decorating in our house. We moved here a few months ago and are still getting things decorated to our liking. It's a slow and expensive process. I was just telling Michael the other day how I should shop more at thrift stores. There are so many treasures to find! When I moved to Oregon from the east coast a few years ago I bought all my furniture and kitchen stuff at thrift stores and it was so much fun! I sold a few of the big pieces and donated all my kitchen stuff to friends or back to the thrift store. Shopping at thrift stores is such a good way to support the green movement- there are no new products being produced for your consumption! Just another person's trash which can possibly be your treasure.

I bought this plate for only $7!
Look how beautiful it is on our new IKEA table!

I also bought this for $2.50 and it in our guest room. So unique!

If you're looking for unique decorations for your living space, or even for a neat gift to give somebody, go check out your local thrift stores. You will find some great deals and maybe even some treasures!

Also- if you have the shopping bug like I do and can't afford to buy things at normal stores, try looking through clothes at thrift stores. You will get that bug out of your system and you're looking at clothes that you can probably afford to purchase. My friend Jessica was visiting me when I was in NY and we went thrifting with my friend Elisha and it was a really neat thing to do! I found an Ann Taylor blazer in perfect condition for only $2.50! Jess was just telling me how she was thinking about going thrifting on Saturday and this is what inspired me to want to go clothes shopping. Another great way to support the green movement, find something really unique and save lots of money!

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