Monday, January 30, 2012

Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery

Photo courtesy of Mountain Sun website.

We met some friends at the Mountain Sun on Saturday down in Boulder. It's a local restaurant/brewery and they've been talking it up for awhile so we decided to give it a try. We had such a positive experience! There was a long wait when we got there and they were handing out samples of beer (cool!) and then they came around with mini cupcakes!! The wait went by really quickly and we were soon seated and ready to order some drinks. Michael and I weren't sure what to order and just as our friends were giving us suggestions our really friendly and cool hippie waiter swooped in and said he'd bring us some samples. He brought us 6! So basically we already had one pint before we even ordered a drink. Michael ordered their Annapurna Amber and I got the Illusion Dweller IPA. I also liked the FYIPA which stands for the F*** Yeah IPA.

This is definitely a restaurant that caters to all kinds of diets- even if their menu is at-first-glance not quite vegan friendly. They are great about subbing things out and one of our friends even said he's subbed tempeh for some of the other sandwiches. They do have a tempeh reuben (which I almost ordered) with vegan 1000 island dressing. I ended up ordering the "Boom Boom Sandwich" which is a portobello mushroom sandwich with roasted red peppers, basil and mesclun greens and I ordered it without the cheese and the mayonnaise and got some avocado on it instead. So delicious. I also subbed the chips for fries. Such an excellent choice!

Our friendly waiter brought us some "friendly" hot sauce to have with our meal and I have now found my new favorite hot sauce! Good luck finding it, unless you live in CT. You can order it online and I will probably do this soon. It's called Amigo the Friendly Hot Sauce and it's made with carrots, mangoes habanero peppers, garlic and olive oil. Sooo fantastic. One of the waitresses stopped by and asked who brought us the hot sauce- she used to use it at a pizza restaurant where she worked in CT and ordered a case to have at the Mountain Sun. This was one of those unique, chance food encounters.

Anyways. Go check out the Mountain Sun!

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