Monday, January 30, 2012


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Michael and I were out and about this weekend and we were visiting my cousins down in Denver. We all decided to go to the fairly newly opened IKEA in Centennial. I love IKEA. I especially like their food market- it is a great place to get some healthy (or not so healthy) food while you're out and about with your family. They really cater to many different diets and they are very kid-friendly. The vegan options were not so prevalent BUT you can get creative. I ordered the organic penne pasta with marinara sauce (no cheese)- and a side of steamed veggies. I just mixed the veggies in with the pasta and had a good meal! I'm pretty sure they used olive oil on the pasta and not butter but I didn't ask. Sometimes you just have to go with it. They also had a veggie wrap and dairy-free tomato soup as an option.

After some poking around the internet about IKEA food I found this blog site with a link about vegan caviar at IKEA. Neat! I don't like caviar but if I were to have a fancy party I might pick one of these up- not like it would break the bank :p

We ended up having a very productive trip to IKEA. We found out that we can fit big furniture in Michael's not-so-big car. We bought a giant mirror (finally we have a full-length mirror in our house) and we also bought a sofa table for our living room. Fun putting together of furniture ensued.

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